《Imaging and Preparing Communication as a Discipline of the Science of Meaning: A Viewpoint of Cross Symbol Study》


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Established in 1983, the Department of Mass Communication was based on already existing broad liberal arts programs within the College of Liberal Arts at Tamkang University, and it was devised for training future media and communication professionals. Undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Mass Communication will be granted the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts by fulfilling all academic requirements. A wide spectrum of curriculum covers areas including News-Editorial Journalism, TV, Radio, & Films, Advertising, Public Relations, Speech Communication, and Information Technologies provide our graduates with the technical training as well as theoretical knowledge to practice professional works in the mass communication career.


Our Vision and Prospect

The education programs provided by the Department of Mass Communication at Tamkang University embrace every aspect of human interactions from the traditional focus of journalism, to the cutting edge new communication technologies and information studies. Rooted in the college of Liberal Arts, the Department extends a broad liberal arts education by providing our students further training in mass communication, and social science while relating it to many facets of the society.

We invite alumnis back to share their graduate performance experience.


Our undergraduates and master graduates have worked in different media and communication sectors including Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Radio and Television, as well as a variety of Information Services. They are also well prepared for the pursuit of advanced study in either domestic or overseas graduate programs in the field of social science and/or other multidisciplinary programs. The vision of the Department is to cope with the demand and the trend of the domestic and the global society and to provide highly trained communication professionals to our economic sectors.


The Graduate Program in Communication

Our Master-level graduate program in Communication was launched in 1995 based on the core faculty members within the Department of Mass Communication. The establishment of this graduate program was in reflection to the strong demands of highly qualified communication professionals and in accordance with the University’s long-term strategic plan. The graduate program is focused on providing advanced education in the fields of International Communication, Marketing Communication, as well as Media, Language & Communication. It also seeks an interdisciplinary effort to combine the teaching and research resources of Tamkang’s renowned school of International Studies to meet the challenge of the information society in the 21st century.







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