Our Objectives

…Future communications studies should expand and change the direction of communication from the transmission of meaning to the design of meaning

~Professor Yaly Chao (趙雅麗)


Imaging and Preparing Communication as a Discipline of the Science of Meaning: A Viewpoint of Cross Symbol Study》


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Mid-term and Long-term Objectives

Technological advances have transformed the content, process, and nature of mass communication. The department of Mass Communication has responded to the changes by combining the Internet resources and embracing an interdisciplinary social science perspective. Currently, the department is pushing to establish the doctoral program in Communication. Following the doctoral program, the School of Journalism and Communication will be on the way to be established.


Teaching Goals

A wide selection of courses including news-editorial journalism, TV, Radio and Films, Advertising, Public Relations, Speech Communication, and Information Technologies which provide students with both theoretical and practical training.





Certification of Accreditation