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Tamkang TV station


Tamkang TV station was first established in 1985. “Tamkang News”, produced by the station, is broadcasting weekly on Tamkang Campus and the Internet, reporting current events, special issues and live reports.

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The Voice of Tamkang

Rradio station

The Voice of Tamkang, established in 1993, is a community radio station broadcasting to the areas of Tamshuei, Shan Chi, and Kuan Du, producing news, variety programs, and in-depth reports.

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Tamkang Net News

Net News

Tamkang Net News, formally “The North Coast”, was first established in 1984. It is a specialized weekly newspaper concentrating on reports about the applications and impacts of the Internet and the new information technologies.

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Tamkang Visual Art Workshop


Tamkang Visual Art Workshop was established in 1985. It provides facilities for the operational training of the professional view camera, manual lighting, and digital Photography.

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